​Vincene Parrinello

​CEO and Founder of Sea Active™ Skincare​
(Former pediatric clinical office nurse, cancer survivor, GOLD medal patented skincare formulator and inventor)

​“It takes care and respect for nature’s chemistry to formulate pure, effective skincare products that will nurture our skin, spirit, and life. We took what appeared to be ordinary ingredients from land and sea, blended them with other fabulous ingredients, and created an extraordinary skincare line”

After selling my former company, Wai Hope Organic Skincare back in 2012, I felt an empty void that I was not expecting. Creating skincare is not only a passion for me, but it’s my way of trying to make a positive difference in the lives of cancer patients, and those taking medications for other serious diseases such as arthritis, thyroid disease, heart disease, neurological disease and diabetes. Prior to developing Sea Active™ Skincare I spent time researching flowers, herbs and plants grown on land. With Sea Active™ Skincare we have pioneered “Aquaculture”. The extensive research and plant development of seaweeds and other sea plants for use in skin care. Our seaweeds and sea plants are grown and harvested for use in our skincare. Sustainable and pure ingredients is key to beneficial products for us to use on our skin.

After battling cancer and other illnesses that have taken a toll on my skin’s appearance and well being I realized there were many other people that were having the same issues. Taking medication changes cellular DNA and this can make the skin more sensitive and drier, which can accelerate the aging process, while also weakening the skin’s resistance to UV radiation. Other skin care brands were not developed for this type of skin. They have not conducted the research on medications and the influence chemicals in skincare can have on medications and vice versa. After conducting my research, I found that most people with dry, sensitive, thinning skin were taking medications. After spending over twenty years in the skincare business, I saw the demand for changes in how skin care was formulated. The numbers of people taking medications unfortunately, seems to rise, instead of decline. Despite our efforts to eat healthier, exercise and de-stress. When I was formulating Sea Active™ Skincare taking my focus from botanicals on land to sea plants and seaweeds embodied a whole new world in cosmetic chemistry. I have formulated out of the box using ordinary ingredients to inventing prestigious formulas that offer real value to the skin. Seaweeds have been medically studied for over fifty years. Scientifically proven to have restorative properties and the ability to take on many diseases. After battling a “gut” disease for over thirty years, I understand the importance of probiotics on overall health. I also believe that the use of probiotic types of natural ingredients on the skin can benefit the skin’s well-being.

Having to take daily medications, my skin (like the other millions of people taking medication) has become more sensitive, much drier, lost elasticity and aged in appearance more rapidly. I became much more sensitive to sunlight, despite using SPF 30+ sunscreens. It seemed like more areas of dark spots, lines and wrinkles seemed to form despite my efforts to inhibit them. I found that by turning to nature’s botanical ingredients, probiotic ingredients and vitamin enriched seaweeds I could restore the skin’s appearance despite medical challenges.

Consumer trials confirmed the success of Sea Active™ Skincare’s organic, probiotic formulas using proprietary sea based ingredients with our trade secret delivery systems . Over 250 women praised how the products made their dull, dry skin comeback to a more vibrant, smoother, healthier appearing complexion.

My career path was not to be a cosmetic chemist. I formulated skin care from a passionate, necessary standpoint. I want to help people have the best complexion possible, despite their health challenges. I find myself challenged by misinformation that is given to the consumers, fed to them by the beauty industry hype. Not only are many “natural or organic” products filled with synthetic ingredients, but many of these ingredients are leading allergens, irritants to the skin and potentially harmful to our health and environment. I do not use any harmful or controversial chemicals/ingredients. I have been dedicated to teaching others about ingredients and for this reason have developed our “Ingredient Resume” ™ marketing program for Sea Active™ Skincare. It’s our ingredients that make our products so unique and effective. They are qualified to care for our skin and we are proud this.

As a former pediatric clinical office nurse, cancer survivor, GOLD medal patented skin care formulator and inventor, with over twenty years of research in pharmaceuticals, dermatology and aromatherapy, I continue to strive for better formulas, better ingredients in the hopes of helping people and enhancing their lives. It’s important for me to focus on skin care and equally important to care about our environment. This never changes.

I am honored and touched that people have come to me and Sea Active™ Skincare when selecting products to care for their skin. I give thanks to God everyday for giving me a second chance. I hope to make a difference. I miss my mom, dad and sister very much. Losing them to cancer and medical complications I feel as if a part of me died with them. I wish I could help find a cure for any disease, but my path was to do what I am doing right now.