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Sea Active® Skincare

Sea Activetm Skincare is formulated with a trade secret nutritive broth vs. water as the main ingredient of our products (except for the Vinni’s Private Reserve Serum and the Phytogardenology Balm, which contain a proprietary Red Seaweed Algae Oil.) Our products were also formulated with the people that are taking medications in mind. We have avoided using organic or synthetic chemicals that may interfere with medications.
If you are taking medications, including over the counter pain relief medications, birth control pills, or allergy medications, your DNA has been changed. Our skin care products are formulated with this in mind to help the skin rebound and have better resilience. Many medications reduce skin vibrancy and affect collagen and elastin fibres. Sea Active™ Skincare contains sea based ingredients that encourage production of collagen and elastin to combat wrinkled, saggy skin. Our specialized Alginiacin Hyaluronate helps to intensively hydrate the skin. Many times when on long term medications, the skin becomes very dry which can make skin more vulnerable to UV radiation.
It’s best to start with the basics and go from there. Because our products are formulated so differently, customers often see resultsby using only 4 of our products. The Defeyence Multipeptide Eye Gel/Serum, Skin Guardian UV Protective Moisturizer, Seas This Moment Serum and the Marine Garden Regenerating Night Cream (with our marine retinol).
Seaweeds are an incredible plant from the ocean. They contain many valuable vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fucoidan. They help the skin many ways: Detox, purify, strengthen and fortify as well as hydrate and firm. Many French women have used various seaweeds to help combat cellulite and crinkled skin, as have Japanese women. The Sea Active™ Skincare product creator learned about seaweed in a very different manner. During chemotherapy in 1992, she used seaweeds in her diet to help strengthen her compromised immune system. Studying the seaweeds, she saw the assorted benefits these plants also had on the skin, especially the proprietary use of a Red Seaweed from Hawaii, the Polynesian Islands and Fiji. She created a blended seaweed complex that addresses the aging concerns of the skin especially brought on by medications and illness.
Product creator Vincene Parrinello is a breast and skin cancer survivor. It’s imperative to her that the use of controversial chemicals and chemicals known to be harmful to our health or the ecosystems be avoided in every formula. Even if the ingredient is an essential oil or plant extract, it may fall into this category. Careful research and working with respected, knowledgeable organic cosmetic chemists helps us formulate products we know to be very effective and good for the skin.
We never bad mouth other brands. We only advocate the use of good ingredients. You need to research the products you are using and see if the ingredients in your products are ingredients you feel good about putting on your skin. We know that what is put on our skin gets into the bloodstream within 26-36 seconds. You can be your best advocate — do your research.
Not all organic skin care brands are the same. In fact, we don’t understand how some brands can claim that they are organic when you read their labels. Again, do your research. Know the ingredients that you should avoid. You can see some of these ingredients on our website.
Your skin care solution is very personal and unique, as no two people are the same. Contact customercare@seaactiveskincare.com to speak with a Skincare Specialist who can advise which products will work best for you.
We have a created a special tool to help create your own personal skin care routine. Just plug-in the current products you own/are using and your skin type, and you will get a personal printable “Custom Skincare Routine”, to maximize product efficacy.
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