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From the depths of the ocean a rare Polynesian Red Seaweed, a potent Bromophycollide, found only in Sea Active Skincare, is blended with assorted skin enhancing Red, Green and Brown Seaweeds farmed from oceans around the world, into multi-clustered ionic spring water that empowers the Sea Active(tm) Skincare formulas.


In truly caring for the skin. Our trade secret Biogenic Seaweed Antioxidant Broth(tm), BSAB(tm), is a powerful ingredient that is the heart, the primary ingredient in 98% of our products. Helping others experience the beauty of their skin, and enhancing the skin's appearance.


Is possible when ingredients are used for the sole purpose of using skin care. When a cancer patient no longer recognizes her reflection in a mirror, as our creator experienced, it was time for a significant change in skin care chemistry. After 25 years, our small batch runs offer real freshness of the ingredients we use, in addition, we use organic preservatives to protect the formulas.

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DermaSeaticaltm Skin Care

Our Masterful, Synergistically Blended Unique formulations will
once again brighten, hydrate, soften and revitalize your complexion.

Our products can be the solution for your skin that is being challenged by Illness, medications, stress and hormonal changes due to puberty and menopause.

Beyond organic skin care with pure ingredients we have empowered the Main Ingredient of our formulas- the water. In Sea Activetm Skincare our primary ingredient in 98% of our products is the Trade Secret BSABtm, Biogenic Seaweed Antioxidant Broth. The infusion of seaweeds and plants into Spring & Thermal water (micro clustered Ionic water) has empowered our formulas to truly care for your skin, unlike any other skin care product.

We also use extraordinary ingredients such as New Zealand Manuka Honey. Sangre de Drago, from Brazilian rainforest. All of our ingredients are sustainably grown. The seaweeds we used are specifically farmed for use in skin care. We only work with fair trade and reputable organic growers. We are careful not to leave a harmful footprint on the environment. Our products are safe to wear into the ocean and streams.

Customer Favorite Beauty Essentials from DermaSeaticaltm

For the last thirteen years, our trade-secret change to the main ingredient of the skincare formula is having a skin transformation effect on the face and neck.  Using our advanced micro-clustered Ionic spring water infusion (BSAB) those with the normal to challenged skin witness a positive change in their skin's appearance. Smoother. Softer. Wrinkles and lines are diminished. Skin appears and feels firmer and lifted.

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We found that by completely reformulating the main ingredient of skin care-the water, we have made great strides in comprehensive skin care treatments.

The Sea Activetm Difference

Inspired by the healing power of the sea, Vincene Parrinello, a former nurse and skincare inventor, created the Biogenic Seaweed Antioxidant Broth. This proprietary formula replaces water in Sea Active™ products and combines rare seaweeds with coconut water, glacier water, and Hawaiian and Fijian spring waters. The nutrient-enriched broth, along with other organic ingredients, rejuvenates aging and sensitive skin, aiming to make a difference for those facing skin challenges.

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Create your daily Sea Active™ Skincare Ritual with this helpful skin care guide. Our seaweed based products are formulated for sensitive skin. As your skin reflects what is going on with your body and health we recommend that you “listen” to your body, trust your intuition and make adjustments to your skincare routine, as you would do with your daily dietary intake. Be sure to add to your regimen our NEW Vincenza Age Defense Hand and Body Cream.

Defining DermaSeaticaltm

Using her expertise as a patented, GOLD medal winning skincare formulator, Vincene Parrinello created Sea Active™ Skincare. The line features genuinely natural™ ingredients and a unique delivery system. The main ingredient is the Biogenic Seaweed Antioxidant Broth™ (BSA Broth™ ), which combines botanicals from land and sea, earth minerals, and Alginiacin Hyaluronate™ . These products effectively enhance the appearance of sensitive skin, providing antioxidants, moisture, and vitamins.

How it Works

The primary ingredient of our skin care formulas is not purified water, but a broth made from seaweeds, fruits, flowers and five teas. 

Advanced research discovery

A new skin care category. Our therapeutic, certified organic, trade secret, DermaSeaticaltm prestige, organic plant based skin care line is formulated with our proprietary ingredients. The sea is a host of skin repairing, nurturing and revitalizing plants when combined in the perfect nature hosted delivery systems can restore skin vitality, even under the most stressful conditions.

Formulating Mindset

Skincare products are formulated with seaweed extracts, peptides, organic plant stem cells, extracts and essential oils. We use ingredients at recommended percentages not a trickle or “fairy dust” amount of these ingredients, which many companies do to seduce consumers into purchasing because they see the ingredient on the label.

Time. Dedication. And tenacity redefines the skincare experience.

"I am impressed with Vinni and her passion for the ocean and her research of the seaweeds in the ocean. I appreciate her respect for the ocean and to help preserve its eco-systems. I spoke with Mrs. Parrinello, “Vinni” about her research ..."

Jean Michel Cousteau

“I have been using Vinni’s products on my skin and my client’s skin for years. She has an incredible gift for creating awsome products. They work. I built my business with her skin care and it’s been a solid business with..."

S. Nelson

“I used Vinni’s products on my face for years and put them through the test when I used some of them on my pregnant belly, for both of my pregnancies. No stretch marks. I refer people to her products all..."

M. Varrone

“I have been using Vinni’s skin care for years. I knew her story and admired how great she looks despite her medical challenges and battle with cancer. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and people..."

J Foti

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

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Certified Organic

All our ingredients are Certified Organic, excluding the minerals in our Skin Guardian. (minerals cannot be certified as organic)

No Controversial Chemicals

Clean formula. No parabens, sulfates, ethanolamines (TEA,DEA,MEA), petrochemicals (Butylene, Propylene, Polyethylene Glycols, Synthetic Dyes or Synthetic Fragrance, Silicones, or preservatives that are not approved by the Organic Certification Board.

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Knowing the importance of the use of probiotics in our diet, formulating skin care using the same application allowed us to see results with our formulas.

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