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​Vincene Parrinello


​Vincene Parrinello

(Cancer Survivor, Gold Medal Patented Skincare Formulator and Inventor).

The First Woman or Man to obtain a USA Patent on the main ingredient used in a skin care formula. Changing that into a powerful infusion of seaweeds, flowers, teas, fruits and vegetables.

“It takes care and respect for nature’s chemistry to formulate pure, effective skincare products that will nurture our skin, spirit, and life. We took what appeared to be ordinary ingredients from land and sea, blended them with other fabulous ingredients, and created an extraordinary skincare line.”

After selling my former company, Wai Hope Organic Skincare, back in 2012, I unexpectedly felt an empty void. Creating skincare isn’t just a passion for me; it’s my way of making a positive difference in the lives of cancer patients and those taking medications for serious diseases like arthritis, thyroid disease, heart disease, neurological disease, and diabetes.

Before developing Sea Activetm Skincare, I dedicated time to researching seaweeds from around the world, as well as flowers, herbs, and land-grown plants. With Sea Activetm Skincare, we’ve pioneered ‘Aquaculture’ and introduced a new skincare category called DermaSeaticalstm, a registered trademark of this brand. Our extensive research and aquaculture plant development of seaweeds, along with other sea plants for skincare, have reached a tipping point in addressing compromised, dry, or damaged skin.

Our seaweeds and sea plants are grown and harvested specifically for use in our skincare products. Sustainability and pure ingredients are key factors in creating products that benefit our skin.”

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After battling cancer and other illnesses that had a significant impact on my skin’s appearance and overall well-being, I realized that many other individuals were facing similar issues. Medication can alter cellular DNA, leading to increased skin sensitivity, dryness, and an accelerated aging process. Additionally, it can weaken the skin’s ability to resist UV radiation.

Traditional skincare brands were not designed with this type of skin in mind. They often neglect the research on how medications and skincare chemicals can interact. After conducting extensive research, I discovered that many people with dry, sensitive, and thinning skin were also on medication. With over twenty years of experience in the skincare industry, I recognized the need for a different approach to skincare formulation. Unfortunately, despite our efforts to lead healthier lifestyles through diet, exercise, and stress management, the number of people relying on medications continues to rise.

When I formulated Sea Activetm Skincare, I drew inspiration from botanicals found on land and the rich world of sea plants and seaweeds. This unconventional approach to cosmetic chemistry allowed me to create extraordinary formulas using seemingly ordinary ingredients, providing real benefits to the skin. Seaweeds, which have been studied for over fifty years, have been scientifically proven to possess restorative properties and the ability to combat various skin issues. Having battled a “gut” disease for over thirty years, I understand the significance of probiotics for overall health. I also believe that incorporating probiotic-rich natural ingredients like kale, spinach, and barley into skincare can promote skin well-being.

Having to take daily medications, I, like millions of others, noticed that my skin aged more rapidly, became increasingly sensitive and dry, and lost its elasticity. I became more susceptible to sunlight despite diligently using SPF 30+ sunscreens. It seemed that more dark spots, lines, and wrinkles were appearing despite my efforts to prevent them. Through the use of nature’s botanical ingredients, probiotics, and vitamin-enriched seaweeds, I discovered that I could restore my skin’s appearance, even in the face of medical challenges.

Consumer trials have confirmed the success of Sea Activetm Skincare’s organic , probiotic formulas, incorporating proprietary sea-based ingredients with our trade secret delivery systems. More than 250 women have praised how these products rejuvenated their dull, dry skin, resulting in a more vibrant, smooth, and healthier-looking complexion. My career path didn’t originally lead to becoming a cosmetic chemist; it evolved over years of research and collaboration with outstanding organic cosmetic chemists who guided me through the process. Today, I provide guidance to them. I formulated skincare from a passionate and necessary standpoint – to help people achieve the best possible complexion, even in the face of health challenges. I’m often challenged by the misinformation presented to consumers by the beauty industry’s hype. Many ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ products contain synthetic ingredients, some of which are common allergens and skin irritants, potentially harmful to both our health and the environment. I do not incorporate any harmful or controversial chemical ingredients into my products. I’ve remained dedicated to educating others about skincare ingredients, leading to the development of our “Ingredient Resumetm” marketing program for Sea Activetm Skincare. Our unique and effective products are defined by their ingredients, which are carefully selected to care for our skin. We take pride in the quality of our ingredients.
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As a former pediatric clinical office nurse (once a nurse, always a nurse), a cancer survivor, a GOLD medal patented skincare formulator, and inventor, with over twenty-five years of research experience in pharmaceuticals, dermatology, and aromatherapy, I remain committed to developing better formulas and using superior ingredients to help people enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem. My focus on skincare is inseparable from my commitment to caring for our environment, and this dedication remains unwavering. I am deeply honored and touched that people have turned to me and Sea Activetm Skincare when selecting products to nurture their skin. I offer daily thanks to God for granting me a second chance, and I aspire to make a meaningful difference. I carry the memory of my mom, dad, and sister close to my heart, and their loss to cancer and medical complications feels like a part of me has gone with them. While I wish I could contribute to finding a cure for any disease, my path has led me to do what I am doing right now.
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