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Sea Activetm Skincare Physician Testimonials

“After Vinni’s surgery, I was very pleased with the rapid healing of the incisions and bruising on her feet. I performed extensive surgery on both of her feet and within the first month, the bruising, incision site healing and swelling was extraordinarily advanced. She showed me the Vinni’s Private Reserve Serum she had developed and was using on her feet. I told her to continue using this serum that was full of healing essential oils that promoted the healing from bruising and inflammation. I have referred patients to her for this product.”

Amir Haji

Podiatrist and Surgeon, Sharp Rees-Stealy, San Diego, CA

“After performing three Cervical Anterior surgeries on Vinni, I was impressed with the advanced wound healing and superior reduction in swelling and bruising around the incision site. Vinni explained to me that she had been applying organic skin care products she developed including a special Serum [Vinni’s Private Reserve Serum], Balm [Phytogardenology Balm that contains shea, cupuacu butters infused with grape stem cells and seaweeds] and Mist [Nature’s Evidence Mist] on the surgical site. After examining these products and their ingredients, I told her to continue using them during the healing phase. I told her when she was ready to let me know and I would share the information about these products with my patients. Her positive attitude and care for helping others is admirable.”

Sohaib Kureshi

Neurosurgeon for SDNSMG, San Diego, CA
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Professional Acknowledgements

“I am impressed with Vinni and her passion for the ocean and her research of the seaweeds in the ocean. I appreciate her respect for the ocean and to help preserve its eco-systems. I spoke with Mrs. Parrinello, “Vinni” about her research of the red Fijian Seaweed in the hopes we could possibly work with the people in Fiji to farm this seaweed. I wish her all the best in her endeavors.”

Jean Michel Cousteau

“I have been using Vinni’s products on my skin and my client’s skin for years. She has an incredible gift for creating awesome products. They work. I built my business with her skin care and it’s been a solid business with customers returning for facials and their products. I think that’s a testament to how wonderful the products are. Working with Vinni has been such a blessing, she genuinely cares about us. Beyond skin care, she connects with people in a genuine way. A God given way.”

S. Nelson

licensed Esthetician, TRI Cities, WA

Customer Testimonials

“I have been using Vinni’s products during my treatment of cancer and have continued to use them now as I am in recovery from cancer. These products have restored the vibrancy and healthy look and feel to my skin and provided me with such comfort when my skin was so badly influenced by the chemotherapy and anti-rejection medications I was on for a couple of years. I thank her whole heartedly for being here to provide us with such an incredible line of skin care. I have never used or experienced anything like this before, and I searched for a line that would help me. Happily, my search is over.”

S. Barnes

San Clemente, CA

“ I have been using Vinni’s products for years and admire her tenacity in developing such amazing skin care for us to use. I have not had cancer, but I do have redness in my skin and concerns with skin aging. Her skin care has helped my skin look fabulous and feel wonderful. I recommend her products to everyone that compliments me on my skin!”

H. Schmidt

La Jolla, CA

“Thank you Vinni for creating these great skin care products. You helped me overcome skin issues that I had resulting from cancer treatments, and honestly, before cancer, my skin wasn’t that great. But now, despite these issues, my skin looks amazing. People can’t believe I am 50! Thanks for helping me and for bringing life back to my skin.”

E. Malik

Oceanside, CA

“Vinni’s products work. I had been seeing a skin care RN for skin treatments (and spending good money to have these treatments) to help the hyper pigmentation areas on my face. I tried everything and nothing really seemed to work to help lighten the appearance of these discolorations I had on my face. Despite how much money I spent on the treatments and the pricey skin care that is sold only through medical offices and skin care professionals. Then I met Vinni during physical therapy. I complimented her on her skin during her physical therapy and she talked with me about her skin care. She let me try some of the products and I was sold. I couldn’t believe how well they have worked. I now see the local esthetician here in town for monthly facials with Vinni’s products and use the line faithfully. My skin looks terrific. I won’t use anything else. That simple.”

L. Budniewski

San Diego, CA

“I used Vinni’s products on my face for years and put them through the test when I used some of them on my pregnant belly, for both of my pregnancies. No stretch marks. I refer people to her products all the time and do so with enthusiasm as I know how great they are!”

M. Varrone

RN, San Diego, CA

“I have been using Vinni’s skin care for years. I knew her story and admired how great she looks despite her medical challenges and battle with cancer. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and people have commented again on how great my skin looks. I have to say, it really does. During a time when my appearance changed, I knew I didn’t need to worry about my skin care, because I was using Sea Active™ Skincare and Vinni has a such wonderful products. They feel great. They work.”e!”

J Foti

San Diego, CA

“You name it, I tried it. My skin has such issues and nothing really helped me. I have oily, acne prone skin, but in some areas, I am dry. Vinni’s products have greatly influenced my skin. The clarity of my skin, the texture and tone are so much better. I don’t hide under heavy makeup anymore. I even found my husband “sharing” the products with me. He’s hooked on her eye products, cleanser, toner and moisturizer. He travels a lot so his skin can be dry and he can look pretty tired. We both thank her for developing these great products.”

C. Kastner

San Diego, CA
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