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Sea Active Skincare: A name synonymous with natural beauty and holistic well-being.

Making the difference

Inspired by the Sea’s healing botanicals, Vincene Parrinello, a former nurse and patented skin care inventor, commenced on a journey to transform the appearance of her challenged, scarred skin caused by surgeries as well as the long term use of medications. She discovered the healing qualities and regenerative properties from rare seaweeds that she has blended together for the proprietary Biogenic Seaweed Antioxidant Broth, used instead of water to formulate the Sea Activetm products. The best place to start creating a truly innovative, effective skin care formula was looking at the primary ingredient of the formula- water.Vincene Parrinello believes this is the greatest “oops” in cosmetic chemistry.She took the water and created a “nutrient enriched broth” starting with coconut water, glacier water, pure spring Hawaiian and Fijian waters.These waters are then infused with seventeen seaweeds, fruits, flowers, teas (White Green tea, Emperor tea, Kambucha tea, Roobios tea) and vegetables.This “nutrient broth” is the main ingredient of Sea Active Skincare (with the exception of our Vinni’s Private Reserve Serum, which is complete organic essential oil serum).”If you are going to develop something to truly help skin that has challenges you need to think out of the box.The skin needs something greater, something real. Starting off with the main ingredient being a nutrient source augments the other organic ingredients to optimally replenish and rejuvenate dry, sensitive, aging skin brought on my stress, illness and medications.” Vinni Parrinello. Sharing her spirit of hope and forging ahead making a difference for others with skin challenges.

What We Do

We gently Renew. Release. Repair. Replenish. Increase Resilience.

With Nature’s Finest Ingredients using Advanced, Holistic, Organic Scientific Formularies.

“It takes great care and consideration of all the factors involved to take nature’s ingredients and formulate effective skin care for people that have sensitive or challenged skin. Synergistically blending ingredients for the ultimate skin care experience and beneficial outcome gives our clients great joy and brings us great satisfaction. When I saw what these skin care products could do for others, it convinced me to have the products manufactured so others could also enjoy their benefits. I am eternally grateful for those customers who have inspired me and give thanks to God for giving me this chance to make a difference.”

Discover Sea Active Skincare, your partner for radiant and healthy skin.

Vincene Parrinello, President and Creator of Sea Activetm Skincare

After spending over twenty years helping others replenish and restore vitality to their compromised skin caused by an illness and or medications it was time for developing formulas that contained natural, sea derived, skin replenishing ingredients that are enhanced by other organic botanicals to bring the skin “Back to Life.” Developing innovative, effective skin has become a life’s passion.


We are deeply dedicated and committed to working with skin care professionals and physicians to help them nurture their client and patient’s skin to look and feel alive and well again, all the while we are also feeding their spirits with incredibly revitalizing aromatherapy, while reducing their exposure to endocrine disruptive chemicals found in other skin care products.


We do not believe in over manipulation of the skin. We believe in balanced skin therapy with pure ingredients and formulations that offer unique delivery systems to help replenish the skin and restore its vitality. We do not use any petrochemicals,parabens, sulfates, formaldehydes or hydroquinone and take pride in our naturopathic formulas. Our batches are made frequently in smaller quantities than most companies, but, we believe fresh is better!


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The Sea Activetm Skincare Promise

“Only the best will do”

Vincene Parrinello, offers a holistic, natural, goodness approach in caring for the skin. Her former career as a pediatric clinical office nurse comes to life still as she works tirelessly taking care of her customers. After her story was featured in People magazine, Women’s World, In Style people flew from all around the country to meet with her for their private consultation. For this reason we have developed a website that will offer live chats. We have created a text messaging ability for a more rapid response to customers’ questions. No longer is there a need for someone to spend hundreds of dollars to come to Vinni, we are able to bring her to you!

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Our Purity Standards:

Only the best quality ingredients will do. So you will never find petrolateum, mineral oil , Butylene, Propylene or any other Glycols. No ethanolamines, MEA, TEA, or DEA (nitrosamines releasing chemicals), no Parabens, no Hydroquinone, no Formaldehydes (BHT, DMDM Hydanotin, Urea).

Our products, before being released for consumers to purchase, are tested by a minimum of 75 people. Only those products that have a 95% overall approval rating are brought to the market for others to purchase.

Our products are manufactured by FDA compliant and regulated manufacturers in the USA.

We purchase ingredients from companies that honor fair trade and respect eco systems, so no over harvesting (Which means we do run out of product from time to time). Our seaweeds are harvested and farmed to ensure they are free of contaminants, while also being mindful of not depleting this valuable resource.

Our products contain proprietary ingredients developed for Sea Activetm Skincare.

Our products are never tested on animals.

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Our remarkable results:

A 100% overall satisfaction by those who tested every product. They said they saw a 100% overall improvement in their skin’s appearance. The skin looked and felt smoother, lines and wrinkles were dramatically diminished and skin discolorations became less noticeable to the point, concealers were discarded by 80 of the 100 women, the other 20 went to using sheerer, not as thick, concealers.

An 80% reduction in the appearance of lined, tired skin around the entire eye area within 4 weeks. 100% of those trying the eye products would not part with the left over in the jar after the 30 day trial period. They refused to give it back!

How It All Began…The Extraordinary Sea Activetm Skincare Story

With her educational background in nursing, Vinni Parrinello came to learn that medicine mimics nature. Pharmacology is based on nature and it’s duplicate specific properties are recreated synthetically in laboratories.

Since Vinni’s first visit to a famous Apothecary in Florence, Italy she has been intrigued with the European approach to wellness. It confirmed everything her Sicilian grandmother would do when caring for the family. The European apothecaries create natural serums from plants and botanicals. Vinni left Italy with a greater knowledge and understanding that the solutions for many of our health concerns can come from nature. However, the medical side of her also realizes the importance of medicine. She also understands first hand, that to battle an illness and emerge the victor, one must take charge in their recovery process. The physicians, medications and surgeries are an important part, but it is the spirit, the body and the mind when integrated into a recovery program that really seems to make a difference. She found that skin care became an important connection to those aspects of wellness, knowing this she intensively focused on studying and searching for botanicals raised on organic farms but also took to the gardens that lie deep in the sea. Here she found ingredients so beneficial to her fragile, immune compromised skin that she began to create her own ingredients using these sea botanicals.

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With these ingredients she developed, she used her background as a patented, GOLD medal winning skin care formulator and inventor and created Sea Activetm Skincare, a line of skin care products containing “genuinely naturaltm” ingredients that are enhanced by a unique delivery system that Vinni has developed. Using botanicals both from land and sea, minerals from the earth Vinni’s proprietary ingredient, the Biogenic Seaweed Antioxidant Brothtm (BSA Brothtm)which is the main ingredient of Sea Activetm Skincare she found her skin care moisturizers, serums and creams to be extremely effective in enhancing the skin’s appearance, especially for others like her, that have sensitive skin. The other breakthrough ingredient Alginiacin Hyaluronatetm delivers powerful antioxidants, moisture, vitamins,D3, Pycogenol, Catechins in botanically derived Hyaluronic Acid.
Biogenic Seaweed Antioxidant Broth: Sea Active Skincare's revitalizing broth for healthier skin. Shop online for our biogenic seaweed products.
A passion for exceptional skincare: Sea Active's journey to make a difference for all.

Some people say that Vinni is a walking miracle. Maybe so. She started a business on a shoestring budget, following a battle with cancer and other health issues. No one thought a former nurse, with no experience in cosmetics or sales, would ever succeed in this highly competitive market. Customers have brought us this success. They keep coming and we are happy to be here for them. Hearing their testimonial stories helps all of us heal. We see true beauty exude from each of customers. For those who feel “beauty” for the first time, we believe our naturopathic formulas illuminate the beauty that was already there.

Vinni is a 24 year cancer survivor. Not a day goes when she doesn’t praise God for watching over her, giving her the insight to focus on the things she could change to enhance her health and for providing her with excellent health care providers so that she could be here today, helping others.

It takes care and respect for nature’s chemistry to formulate pure, effective skin care products that will nurture our skin, spirit and life. We took what appeared to be ordinary ingredients from land and sea, blending them with other fabulous ingredients and created an extraordinary skin care line.

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