We found it necessary to responsibly purchase organic ingredients from trusted suppliers to use in our skincare formulations. We are formulating skin care for a special group of people that are battling an illness such as Cancer, Arthritis, Depression, Colitis, Chron’s Disease, Heart Disease and Diabetes. Knowing the importance of the use of probiotics in our diet, formulating skin care using the same application allowed us to see results with our formulas. We feel it’s best to use certified organic ingredients in our formulas, however, there are companies that have been growing herbs, fruits and flowers for generations who do not have ECOCERT certification. We do not want to outcast those businesses. What matters to us, is that the ingredients we are selecting are of the best quality.  90% of our ingredients come with the ECOCERT seal. Vincene Parrinello product creator, is a cancer survivor who believes in using only the best ingredients in her formulations.  After all not only does she use her line of skincare, but so does her family and friends. If you look at the statements some companies are making about using ECOCERT ingredients you will also find a contradiction of them using ingredients such as Matrixyl®, or  synthe 6® (an ingredient that contains butylene glycol, which is not on the FDA GRAS –generally recognized safe list). Using quality flowers, herbs, teas and seaweed ingredients while keeping batches on the smaller side (so they are fresh) we pay a premium for our oils and botanicals.

Probiotic skin care is starting to reach the cosmetic marketplace. Vinni Parrinello has been formulated with probiotic technology for over twenty-five years. The primary ingredient of our skin care formulas is not purified water. It’s a broth made from seaweeds, fruits, flowers and five teas. Many of the teas offer probiotic benefits to the skin.Teas used are White green tea, Kombucha, Emperor and Roobios. They are high in catechins which also help defend the skin from free radicals. Comparing our formulas to other brands, which do you think actually costs more to produce? A formula made with 50-60% purified water or a formula made with 50-60% Biogenic Seaweed Antioxidant broth?

Many companies claim they do not use parabens, PEG’s, DEA, MEA or TEA or glycols, however, ingredients that they are adding to their formulas are actually made with these ingredients. The peptide complex found in many skin care brands is Matrixyl. This ingredient is held together with Butylene Glycol. Something not on the FDA recognized as safe list.

Instead of turning to plants grown on the land, our focused attention has been on researching ingredients form the sea. We are pioneering “Aquaculture”. The growing of sea plants in a sustainable environment to ensure we do not disrupt delicate ecosystems as well as producing the purest ingredients for our formulas. To our amazement, the benefits that seaweed has on the skin has proven to be an extraordinary breakthrough in cosmetic chemistry. Seaweeds are farmed for us to use. We do not want to deplete the ocean from these powerful healing plants. They are very needed by our environment, as they release ozone into the atmosphere to purify our air (through photosynthesis).

We are not striving to be the largest skincare company. We are striving to provide our customers with the quintessential, phenomenal skin care that will revitalized and replenish their skin. Our batches are small for product freshness. We think of our skin care as “food for the skin”. Fresh is always better.

We do not use:
Petroleum based chemicals- no mineral oil or petroleum, carbomers, paraffin wax or benzene
Butylene, Propylene, Ethylene or other Glycols
Formaldehydes such as BHT, DMDM Hydantoin or UREA
Ethanolamines, Nitrosamines such as MEA, DEA, TEA
Phthalates or synthetic fragrances with DBP, DMP or DEP
Synthetic sunscreens (PABA, Oxybenzone, OMC-octyl methoxycinnamate or Benzophenones)
Quarternary Ammonium compounds
Animal ingredients (collagen, Lanolin, musk, Squalene)

Only essential oils for aromatherapy are used and certain plant extracts offer a color benefit in some products, no dyes are used.
Since nature is never the same, our products are never the same color and some in cases the aromas very depending on the batch run. Much like picking an orange off the tree. No orange is exactly like another. The taste and aromas vary, this is the case with our ingredients. They are REAL.


Our products are Gluten Free

We have carefully selected ingredients that come with testing that shows clinically that the ingredients are proven to be safe and effective. We have conducted some of our own independent testing on ingredients that we have developed for our products. All of our products are allergy tested to ensure that they are free of ingredients that could irritate sensitive skin, however, each person is unique and we recommend trying the products, especially if you have sensitive skin, on the inside of your forearm for the first several days to ensure that YOU are not allergic to the products.

Our products and company do not intend to treat, diagnose or cure any medical ailment or disease. Our skincare products are designed to offer comfort and pleasing enhancements in the skin’s appearance.

Consumer studies are done before we formulate our products on a large scale. The products are tested for safety. They are also tested twice for efficacy.  First to clear the lab the products must produce results that are visible to the naked eye. Second, we want to hear what “unknown consumers” those who do not know us, think about the product.  If we have a 95% approval rating from at least 95% of those who try the product, we then go into production and release the new Sea Active skin care product to customers.

From our packaging to our company culture, we are devoted to ensuring the use of products that are not over farmed, or known to come from businesses that have disregard for environmental issues. Our glass bottles and jars can be reused to hold other objects. We do not play that packaging game and never will.  Some beauty companies put 1oz. or 2oz. of skin care into lined bottles so at first glance it LOOKS like you (the consumer) are getting more.  In our minds, that just fills a landfill even more, even if that bottle (and many are not) is recyclable.  Why make something look like it’s something that it isn’t?  We just don’t get that concept.

Our plastic bottles can be reused or thrown into recycled waste containers. Our products do not come in boxes that will go immediately into landfills.  Someday we hope to have gift boxes made with a paper that contains seeds so the paper box can be added to soil and watered to produce little plants.

We support clean water organizations. We partner with fair trade organizations and community farmers to source our ingredients.


Sea Active™ Skincare products are not drugs, they are not medications and not meant to treat or cure any illness, disease or skin disorder. These unique, holistic formulas bring natural ingredients to the skin unlike any other skin care product. These products are not studied by the FDA (no over the counter skin care product is, only drugs are studied and submitted to FDA for review, which is more disturbing since harmful chemicals are in 95% of skin care and personal care products).