Our all-in-one, seaweed retinol, essential oil, tropical butters and flower extracts masterfully blended together delivery a blanket of “tender loving care” for a nighttime retinol cream.   Marine Garden as the name says, joins the best plants from land and sea together in a creamy formula to encourages skin wellness through better cell turnover, hydration, protection, preservation, replenishment, and a a result of caring for the skin in a superior manner, there is a dramatic glow appearing to the skin, a radiance, and deep beauty- a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, lines and sun damage that cause the hyper pigmentated areas associated with an aging look of the skin. The area around the mouth looks younger, the cheeks look fuller and firmer.  Just a more natural beauty regardless of age.

Some have described this cream to be like “a secret weapon in the fight against skin aging- a cream that they trust to be used at night to safely, confidently, intelligently repair their skin”.  Over the years our customers have said they love using this cream at night, It’s the perfect way to end their day. 

This seaweed derived retinol, ‘”Astaxanthin” age defense night cream helps fight the signs of aging and targets uneven skin pigmentation. Seaweeds high in peptides -microsporine aids in protecting the skin with free radical scavenging & aids in free radical scavenging and DNA repair. The seaweeds used in this formula target hyperpigmentation  that is a result of overproduction, and accumulation of melanin pigment. This cream contains our proprietary rich Hyaluronic to help skin appear smoother, firmer and more youthful and help transform saggy skin into a more lifted, sculpted appearance. Fucus Sargarrum Laminaria inhibits the break down of collagen and elastin. The gentle aroma from island mango is very soothing.

We have been selling this cream formula for 24 years. Those of us using this skin care system have all started with this as our night cream.  94% of our customer base all use this as their night cream. If you want a simple routine with benefits, this night cream will not let you down.

How to Use: Apply on the skin in the evening, after cleansing and misting. Use a dime size amount and apply onto face and neck over MCR Marine Retinol Serum (if your skin needs and extra treatment boost). Massage into the skin. For best results use every night.

*not intended to treat, or cure any medical condition.


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