Eye’mtm Amazedtm Quintessential Eye Cream is our DermaSeatical, organic cosmetic science solution, in caring for the delicate skin around the eye area.  This eye cream leaves the skin around your eye feeling as soft, and as smooth as a velvety rose petal.  There is no reason to settle for lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and crow’s feet that can age the appearance of our eyes.  We took our concern for this delicate skin by developing our eye cream that is as serious about protecting it, as well as maximizing benefits from our trade secret ingredients by infusing them into this vulnerable area to increase collagen production while increasing the look of thinning skin.  Look for the transformation in the skin around your eyes after the first application that improves over time. This creamy, dreamy eye cream will help you look more rested and revitalized.

Ingredients like our trade secret BSAB Broth, infuses this formula with seaweed and plant based fortifying nutrients to fight against lines and wrinkles.  using plant based Hyaluronic Acid such as Kalanchoe Pinnata Leaf Extract as a form of delivery for our ingredients in addition to it’s ability to protect skin cells against reactive oxygen species (ROS). This extract is also increases the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin by 3.6 times, By stimulating hyaluronic acid production, the skin looks like it has increased volume from within. Yeast beta glucan is an enzyme high in flavonoids, vitamins and amino acids that help give the skin a brighter tone by targeting melanocytes. Other ingredients such as fucoidan rich seaweeds and plant stem cells help the skin become more resilient and resist new damage. Copper Peptide Complex from Barley, Kale and Spinach gives skin a smoother, firmer, lifted feel and appearance. Pullulan from seaweed extract helps firm and tighten the skin. Bifida Ferment Filtrate, a more stabilized natural form of Vitamin C helps brighten the area under and around the eye area. Palmaria Palmata Extract shields the delicate skin around the eye from UV radiation. This ingredient limits melanogenesis which leads to darkened skin under and around the eye, as well as hyperpigmentation spots that are caused by UV radiation exposure, including blue light from computers, cell phones and tablets. Oat kernel extract, beta-glucan stimulates collagen production, having an anti-wrinkle effect while increasing skin hydration. Sea Holly plant stem cell culture extract helps increase skin firmness by boosting collagen production. Euphrasia officinalis extract-Eyebright, tightens the skin while offering the reduced appearance of puffiness and darkness in the eye area. The addition of multiple plant derived stem cells aids this skin rejuvenating eye cream to give the skin a firmer, lifted, brighter, smoother appearance. Used over time, the transformation around the eye area will hopefully become one of your greatest skin care achievements.

How to Use:  Apply to make up free eye area in the morning and evening. Using ring finger sweep a thin layer of EYEM Amazedtm to the entire eye area, above the eye brow, under the eye and outer eye area. Avoid getting into the eye.

Vinni’s Tip:  Use this as faithfully in the morning over the DefEYEnce Eye Serum for comprehensive skin care on this delicate area.  Use alone on the eye area in the evening for quintessential TLC of this delicate area.

*not intended to treat, or cure any medical condition.


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