Age Defense Retinol Skin Treatment Serum – 1oz.

This power serum gives skin a radiant, firmer, more clear appearance. Medical professionals use this to help their patients overcome skin challenges such as mottled pigmentation, deep wrinkles and lines. We turned to the sea for an alternative to aggressive retinoids.  We found certain algae high in carotenoids- plant version of retinol.  Another surprising benefit to the seaweed carotenoids was the finding of UVA/RVB natural sun filters that acting as protective agents against radiation damage. We don’t see this in synthetic retinol or other botanical based carotenoids.

Our TRADE Secret MCR Red and Green Algae Carotenoidtm complex has UV protective properties that lightens the appearance of brown spots and creates skin clarity, helps minimize the look of bruised skin, broken capillaries and destruction to the collagen fiber network. Dunaliella Salina Extract a green microalgae is a precursor to retinol (vitamin A) that helps energize and revitalize the skin with skin-conditioning properties.

Great for sensitive skin because we use sea plant and plant based retinols instead of synthetic retinols.

How to Use: Apply 1 pump on a clean face in the evening, 3-4 nights a week. Avoid eye area.

*not intended to treat, or cure any medical condition.


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