The power of Seaweed, Hyaluronic Acid and Plant stem cells become apparent when you see the transformation of your skin from using this serum.  This serum was developed for those with the most sensitive and dehydrated skin.  It seems that these two characteristics go hand and hand.

BioGeniSeatm Fucoidan Serum uses our SEA-12 Complex to preserve collagen types I and II while stimulating epidermal skin cell preservation, and guarding the skin from harmful effects of UV radiation . 

Our trade secret AL-Glucuronic Acid Complex made with Alginates from six types of seaweeds in our  botanical hyaluronic acid complex helps create an “insulating barrier” securing moisture levels in the skin. A protective shield of sorts that covers the skin that’s exposed to harsh, dry climates, high levels of UV radiation, or due to dry skin caused by illness and medications.  This is the serum we created to help nurture sensitive, dry skin. Using this serum helps decrease skin sensitivity in part due to the ingredients that help reduce inflammation and increase skin moisturization. 

The French Criste Marine stem cells have a rich cache of the “essence of youth” that delay aging, providing endless energy and skin repair.

How to Use:  Excellent for sensitive skin. Apply 1-2 pumps of this serum on your clean face and neck in the morning. Let it penetrate. Follow with other recommended serums or the Skin Guardian UV Protective Moisturizer (daytime) or the MerSea Phytogardenology Balm (evening).

Vinni’s Tip:  If your skin craves moisture, don’t ever be without this serum!  It’s a “Sea mist shower” in a bottle.  


*not intended to treat, or cure any medical condition.


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