Skin Guardian


We nicknamed this product “Yoga in a bottle for your skin.” Our trade secret “spring water infusion with seaweed, flower, and herbal extracts is the Sea Active Skincare difference.  It’s the main ingredient in our moisturizers, cleansers, face mist and toner. Zinc helps protect the skin from UV radiation, as does antioxidants. These are a part of our BSABroth (tm), the main ingredient in 98% of our skin care products.

This protective daytime moisturizer helps to guard and protect the skin from free radicals. Our new trade secret SEA-12 Solarphotospherestm, along with Non Nano Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide that are physical UVA/UVB sun blocks. 

This non-comedogenic formula is lightweight and tolerated by most skin types,and provides the skin with excellent epidermal wellness benefits imparting a healthier, smoother appearance.

Marine Garden Cream


This seaweed derived retinol age defense night cream helps fight the signs of aging and uneven skin pigmentation. This cream contains our MCR Marine™Retinol Complex to help skin appear smoother, firmer and more youthful. Firming plant based peptides help transform saggy skin into a more lifted, sculpted appearance. Some have described this cream to be like “support hose” for your skin.

*not intended to treat, or cure any medical condition.


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