An apothecary of organic essential and base oils in a bottle to help the skin maintain vibrancy, resiliency and vitality. This formula was inspired by age old wisdom from Vinni’s Italian grandma who grew up using flowers and plants for many reasons.

With the power of Sea plant (Sea Holly) oil and essential floral oils, such as Arnica, Argan, Evening Primrose, Heliichrysum, Blue Tansy, Myrtie, Eyebright, Kalanchoe Pinnata, Bearberry, Lemongrass, Edelweiss, Rose Otto, Rosa Canina and Black Baccara, Oat Kernel ( and more), this serum helps revitalize and awaken the skin’s appearance, enhances skin resiliency, and restores dry challenged skin that comes with aging, sun damage, environmental challenges, the effects of stress, taking medications and of course challenges on the skin caused by illness (including allergies).

Vinni’s special, proprietary blend of certified organic essential oils has been a corner stone of her skin care routine for over 29 years. This formula is continually updated as progressive new plant based oils are discovered, with research showing them to be safe with multi benefits for the skin.

How to Use: On your clean face and neck , preferrably over misted skin with Nature’s Evidence Mist, pat 5-6 drops of Vinni’s Reserve Serum into your skin.  Then gently massage the serum and mist into the cheeks, forehead, chin and neck. Use in the evening.

*not intended to treat,or cure any medical condition.


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